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The construction of the tunnel Kennedy in Santiago de Chile. A major challenge of an urban tunnel in Soils - Itasca Consultores S.L. (Spain)

Itasca Consultores S.L. has been collaborating with the engineering company responsible of the design (Subterra Ingeniería S.L., Madrid, Spain) in the numerical modeling aspects of the Kennedy tunnel design. It is an urban tunnel (1.2 km long) located in Santiago de Chile that was constructed between 2014 and 2017.

The most important features of the tunnel are its large dimensions (up to 20.95 m wide and 11.8 m height, with a cross-section up to 250 m2). It was excavated in the Gravas de Santiago formation, in an urban environment with covers from 10 m to 16 m.

3D models have been developed both for the 4 lanes section (Figure 1) and for the 5 lanes section (Figure 2).

1 2
Fig. 1: 3D model for the 4 lanes section

Fig. 2. 3D model for the 5 lanes section

The scope of the modelling included support analysis (with simulation of the sequential process of driving and support with setting of the shotcrete), face stability analysis (Figure 3), bearing stability analysis (Figure 4) and surface settlement analysis.

3 4
Fig 3 : Face stability analysis
Fig 4 : Bearing stability analysis

Shotcrete lining has been designed considering the effect of groundwater pressures (Figure 5) and the deformation of the seismic actions (according to the corresponding Chilean regulations for buried structures), Figure 6.

5 6
Fig 5. Effect of the groundwater rise

Fig 6. Effect of the seismic load

It is important to note that an earthquake Mw= 8.4 took placed at Coquimbo region (close to Santiago region); after the inspection of the tunnel and analysis of the monitoring data, it could be concluded that this event did not affect the tunnel integrity.

Related publication: Kuster, J. & Núñez, R. & Chávez, E. & Galera, J.M. & Santos, D.. (2019). The construction of the tunnel Lo Saldes in Santiago de Chile. A major challenge, a wide tunnel with an extremely low overburden. 10.1201/9780429424441-613.



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puceRecent Publications

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Edelbro, C., R. Brummer, M. Pierce, D. Sandström & J. Sjöberg. (2019) "Raiseboring in difficult rock conditions", Ground Support 2019 (Sudbury, October 23–35, 2019)Paper available on-line

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Billaux, D., Ghazal, R., Soulat,P., Bonnet, S., Le Floch, M.: "Numerical modeling of Moreau dam stability in dynamic conditions", Colloque CFBR : « Justification des barrages : Etat de l’art et Perspectives», Chambéry, November 2019

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