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puce Consulting

Itasca Consultants S.A.S. was commissioned to study the thermal-mechanical interaction between a 50 m deep, 35 m radius natural gas storage well and the surrounding ground.

Zoomed view of the geometry and mesh

Temperature field 30 years after commissioning

ITASCA simulated the well construction and commissioning phases, as well as the long-term behavior of the storage. The soil constitutive law accounted for variations of its mechanical properties with temperature and for the evolution of the creep rate according to its state of the stresses, its temperature, and time.

A 2D axisymmetric model was used to model this circular well. The construction phases included pre-excavation reinforcement by a freezing technique, and then a staged excavation to a depth of 50m. The steel cladding is separated from the ground by an insulating material, as well as a concrete slab. Frictional interfaces are placed between the different materials. The service phase is then modeled by simulating well filling and emptying cycles. The temperature, and the pressure applied by the gas on the steel cladding vary periodically. The simulation is carried out over a period of 30 years.

The study provided estimates of:

  • The temperature and displacement fields induced in the ground following the commissioning of the well.
  • Stresses in the concrete slab at the bottom of the well and in the steel casing.

Axial force in the steel cladding after 30 years

Casing displacements 30 years after commissioning




Itasca Consultants GmbH has developped numerical calculations on the time and pressure dependent behavior of backfill in mining.

Backfill is used to minimize the impact of mining on the surface and to avoid sinkholes. Stiffness and strength of the backfill develop over time and depend on the confining pressure. Numerical simulations allow estimation of stress redistributions and deformations due to excavation and backfill. On this basis, the best possible time mining scheme and time for the placement the backfill can be determined. In an example calculation with FLAC3D it was shown, that in a room-pillar-mining the mining losses can be minimized with the use of residual salt as backfill material. In addition, subsidence on the surface is minimized and the risk of sinkholes is reduced.


Distribution of von-Mises-Stress after backfill of the first room


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  • In addition to our popular commercial software, Itasca also develops innovative, cutting-edge software for research and consulting purposes. Companies, agencies, or organizations that sponsor this work have access to use software that is well ahead of curve and influence further development. Although such software is not available for sale to the public at large, Itasca engineers and scientists may utilize this software for your engineering design and analysis needs.

    Currently, Itasca is actively developing the following consulting software.


  • Do not forget to download and install the latest subversion available on our website!

Current Updates:









arrow Training & Seminars

Itasca will host introductory training courses in Europe:

FLAC3D 6.0 Training course Ecully, France January 30 - February 2, 2018 Itasca France
FLAC3D 6.0 Training course Istanbul, Turkey March 2018 Geogrup Insaat

Please visit for full details.

For users who envisage the need for substantial amounts of assistance, consulting support or customized training course are available.
Feel free to contact us if you have specific needs: we adapt our offer to your needs.

arrow Conferences

Itasca and/or representatives will be attending the following conferences:

GDRI GeoMech Meeting on "Advanced modelling in particulate and cohesive materials"; January 22-23, 2018 Lyon, France
SME Annual Conference February 25-28, 2018 Minneapolis, USA
Bergmekanikdagen ("Swedish Rock Mechanics Day") March 20, 2018 Stockholm, Sweden
18th Hellenic Concrete conference March 29-31, 2018 Athens, Greece

Slope Stability 2018
Jonny Sjöberg appointed Keynote Speaker

April 11-13, 2018 Seville, Spain
Computational Methods in Water Resources XXII June 3-7, 2018 Saint-Malo, France
Journées Nationales de Géotechnique et de Géologie de l’Ingenieur June 13-15, 2018 Champs-sur-Marne, France
52nd US Rock Mechanics/Geomechanics Symposium June 17-20, 2018 Seattle, USA
DNFE 2018 Conference June 20-22, 2018 Seattle, USA
Earthquake Thessaloniki Engineering June 18-21, 2018 Thessaloniki, Greece
RocDyn-3 June 25-29, 2018 Trondheim, Norway

arrow Recent Publications

Billaux D., Camusso M. et A. Rollet, 2017. "Stockage de Wittelsheim (France) : modèles numériques pour la prédiction de l’état d’endommagement actuel dans le sel et l’évaluation des flux potentiels de saumure contaminée à long terme". Congrès International de l’Aftes, 2017, Paris.

Perez-Rey, L.R. Alejano, and P. Velasco (October 2017) "Comparison of observational, empirical and 3D discrete numerical methodes to estimate subsidence over longwall coal faces" In AfriRock 2017 Rock Mechanics for Africa-Cape Town - The Southern African Institue of Mininh and Metallurgy , 2-7 October 2017, pp 809-822.

Akinshin, I.; Missal, C.; te Kamp, L.: "Simulation of Pressure and Time-Dependent Behavior of Backfill Material in Numerical Calculations – Simulation des druck- und zeitabhängigen Verhaltens von Versatzmaterial bei numerischen Berechnungen." In: Mining Report – Glückauf, Volume 153, Issue 2, p. 166-172. Bergbau-Verwaltungsgesllschaft mbH, Herne, 2017.

Changping, Y., J. Sjöberg & D. Johansson - (2017) "Numerical modelling for blast-induced fragmentation in sublevel caving mines". In Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology, 68, September 2017, pp. 167–173Paper available on-line 

Lope Álvarez, U. Lindfors, F. Perman, F. Johansson & B. Stille (2017) "Regional-scale numerical stress model of the Stockholm area" In: Proceedings of the World Tunnel Congress 2017 – Surface challenges – Underground solutions. Bergen, Norway, June 2017.

Umar, S.B., J. Sjöberg & T. Savilahti - (2017) "Modelling of caving and deformation mechanisms of the hangingwall of the Printzsköld oreboby at Malmberget mine." In The Journal of the Southern African Institute of Mining and MetallurgyVolume 117, April 2017, pp. 351–360, Paper available on-line

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