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Itasca breaks new ground for all FLAC3D and 3DEC users : a brand new product named Griddle today replaces Kubrix Geo. Griddle is a state-of-the-art Grid Generation Software for engineers, that effectively removes the "meshing bottleneck". The modelling workflow becomes seamless from geometry specification to numerical simulation.
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3DEC modeling of the subsidence produced by a coal exploitation

Itasca Consultores SL has been modeling the subsidence produced by a coal exploitation affecting a village.
3DEC has been used to simulate the subsidence of the exploited area because of its capability to simulate discontinuities (main faults, bedding planes, and joints). Figure 1 shows the main faults in the area, together with a W-E geological section across the village (buildings at surface are represented as blue dots). Figure 2 shows in detail the geological column and the coal seams.


Fig. 1 - Faults and stratigraphy


Fig. 2 - Stratigraphical column and coal seams

The model has been calibrated with the subsidence measurements of nearby panels. Figure 3 shows the location of the calibration panels and Figure 4 shows the subsidence troughs of the different calibration hypothesis, together with the measured profile.

Fig. 3 - Location of the calibration panels


Fig.4 - Subsidence troughs of the calibration process

The location of the new panels under analysis is shown in Figure 5. The calculated subsidence trough is presented in Figure 6; potential damage to the buildings of the village was also evaluated using the tilt and horizontal strain at surface calculated by the model.

Fig.5 - Location of the panels under analysis


Fig.6 - Final subsidence trough


Modelling a concrete slab on a rigid-inclusion-reinforced-soil

In the context of a wine cellar extension project, a 20cm thick concrete slab is to be constructed on a soil reinforced by rigid inclusions. Itasca France has been called by the design office to verify the mechanical resistance of the concrete slab and assess its settlement under a uniform load.

The inclusions will be installed in a regular pattern. A 2D FLAC axisymmetric model represents the "unit cell". This model considers one inclusion, the different geological layers surrounding it, and the slab on top.

The successive construction steps are taken into account: initial state, excavation of the upper layers, installation of the rigid inclusion (C16/20), refilling of the excavation with a gravel bed to the design level, casting of the concrete slab (C30/37) and application of the uniform pressure.


Fig.1 : 2D axisymmetric model of concrete slab on reinforced soil

The study mainly shows a uniform settlement of the slab under the design load. The differential settlement is negligible (Fig. 2).
Using the full stress field in the concrete slab (Fig. 3), stress resultants (Fig. 4) were computed and verified against strength envelopes given by Eurocode 2. The slab thickness is largely sufficient to sustain the applied load. Also, the normal load in the rigid inclusion - at most 80 kN - is largely below the threshold given by Eurocode 2 (130 kN).


Fig.2 : Vertical displacement contour (m)

Fig.3 : Minimum principal stress contour(Pa) in the concrete slab

Fig.4 : Distribution of the bending moment (in kN.m/m) along the concrete slab

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  • Annual Leasing : In addition to our existing monthly leasing plan, we now offer customers an annual leasing plan. Contact your local agent for any request.  

  • Griddle 1.0: Griddle is a new, powerful, easy-to-use meshing solution for 3DEC and FLAC3D. It is now officially released and replaces KubrixGeo. Model generation has never been so easy and precise. Griddle features a simple user interface and requires only a few input parameters to produce high quality surface and volume meshes. It is a fully interactive, general-purpose mesh generation plug-in for the Rhinoceros 5.0 3D CAD software.
    You are invited to upgrade your Kubrix v15.0 license to Griddle 1.0.

  • 3DEC 5.2
    The 3DEC 5.20 pre-release is now available. You can download it here: New features are described here: You can still prepurchase until October 15, 2016!

  • FLAC3D 6.0 pre-release is here
    FLAC3D beta-release version 6.0 is available for download on the following page: You can still prepurchase and make important savings.

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Mäkitaavola, K., B-M Stöckel, J. Sjöberg, S. Hobbs, J. Ekman, M. Henschel and A. Wickramanyake – (2016) "Application of InSAR for Monitoring Deformations at the Kiirunavaara Mine". In: Proceedings ISMS 2016, 3rd International Symposium on Mine Safety, Science and Engineering (Montreal, Canada, Aug 15–17, 2016), Paper No. 250.

Perman, F., T. Wettainen, C. Gonzalo and J. Sjöberg – (2016) "Three-dimensional modeling and stress calibration for a complex mining geometry". In: Proceedings RS2016, 7th International Symposium on In-Situ Rock Stress (Tampere, Finland, May 10-12, 2016), pp. 127–138. ISBN 978-951-758-606-1.

Lope Álvarez, D., J. Sjöberg, M. Eriksson, R. Bertilsson, D. Mas Ivars – (2016) "Tunnelling and reinforcement in heterogeneous ground – A case study". In: Proceedings Eight International Symposium on Ground Support in Mining and Underground Construction (Luleå, Sweden, September 12-14, 2016), Paper No. 193.

Vatcher, J., S. D. McKinnon and J. Sjöberg (2016) – "Developing 3-D mine-scale geomechanical models in complex geological environments, as applied to the Kiirunavaara Mine", in Engineering Geology, Vol 203, pp. 140–150 (

J. J. Oetomo, E. Vincens, F. Dedecker, J-C. Morel (2016) - "Modeling the 2D behavior of drystone retaining walls by a fully discrete element method", in Int. Journal for Numerical and Analytical Methods in Geomechanics, to publish

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