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4th Quarter 2022

Consulting projects

Main haulage level  - FLAC3D project (Kiruna - Sweden)
LKAB’s Kiirunavaara Mine is a large, underground, sub-level caving mine in the north of Sweden. A mine-scale model (left part in figure above) was constructed to simulate the stress change at the main haulage level due to continued mining. The model includes the entire mine, main geological entities. View more >>

Software Updates

Discover FLAC2D!
FLAC2D is a 2D version of Itasca’s FLAC3D numerical modeling software and replaces our seminal software — FLAC.
FLAC3D 9.0 pre-release version is now available. We invite you to test it and to pre-purchase at the best price.

Conference Attendances

Swedish Rock Engineering Days 2022
Our Swedish team participated at the Swedish Rock Engineering Days in Stockholm, on September 28-29, 2022. Itasca had three presentations and also an exhibition booth. The booth was very well attended, including a "high-stress area" with a basketball shooting competition, and a "low-stress area" with a massage chair, very appreciated! Itasca also won the prize for best exhibition.
Itasca Germany Info Day - Nov.  17, 2022
This year, the bi-annual Info Day was finally held again in person in Freiberg with great success. There, the staff of ITASCA Consultants GmbH presented ITASCA's software codes and selected projects. The Info Day provided an opportunity for lively exchanges with many customers from Germany and the surrounding countries.
The information day marked the start of the annual Geomechanics Colloquium at TU Freiberg. 
International Slope Stability 2022
Itasca Sweden took part at the Slope Stability Symposium in October, in Tucson, where they presented their work on slope stability for the Leveäniemi open pit together with LKAB.  Itasca was very well represented at this conference!

Upcoming Conference

Itasca France will attend the 8th International Conference on Geotechnical Research and Engineering (ICGRE'23) - March 29 -31, 2023.
Ali Haidar will give a presentation entitled "From Scaled-Down to Full-Scale Rockfill Dams with Dry-Stone Pitching: A Numerical Study".

Training Course

"Python in Itasca Software" Training Course
Itasca France offers a new session of the "Python in Itasca Software" Training Course. It will be an online live training course held by Dr. Huy Tran.
Date: March 16, 2023.
More information here!


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