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3rd Quarter 2022

Consulting projects

Numerical calculations for the pre-dimensioning of the support lining in a ventilation shaft

A ventilation shaft in Germany is part of a former colliery and was put into operation in the late 19th century with a depth of approx. 600 m. Since the colliery was closed down, it has been part of the central water drainage system at the site, together with further shafts in the near distance. In the course of technical reconstruction measures, the shaft is to be converted from a ventilation shaft to a well shaft. For this purpose, the current diameter has to be expanded to a clearance of 3.3 m. The shaft, which was previously constructed with approx. 50 cm thick brick masonry, will be secured with a concrete shell after expansion. To evaluate the predimensioning of the shell, a numerical modeling of the secondary stress field is necessary.
Modelling of “Leo” Slope Failure Using a Distinct-Element Modelling Approach
On May 2021, a slope failure called “Leo Failure” occurred at Bingham Canyon Mine, one of the world’s deepest open pit mine, for a total runout mass estimated at 21 MT. Extensive and comprehensive monitoring of the mine activities allowed to anticipate and record the event and prevent any labor or equipment damage.

Software / Training

Live Online 3DEC 7.0 Training course (in English)
Audience: Beginners
Fees: €1650.00 VAT Excl.  (25% discount for Universities)
Outlines and Registration Form are available on our website
Coming soon : FLAC2D 9.0
Owners of FLAC 8.1 are invited to pre-purchase FLAC2D 9.
The beta version will be available in the following weeks. 

Past Conferences

Itasca Team at Eurock 2022 - September 12-15, 2022 - Helsinki, Finland
Itasca was the Gold Partner at the Eurock 2022 Conference. Dr. Caroline Darcel presented a keynote on "Input of Discrete Fracture Network methodology in rock mechanics applied to the Swedish Nuclear Waste Disposal Program".
More presentations by Itasca at the conference are given in the Publications section below.
RMCF team, also present at Eurock 2022 
Along with having two papers presented at the Eurock 2022 conference, Rock Mechanics Consulting Finland (Itasca's agent in Finland) was also a gold partner. Jesse Ström presented a paper on the “Rock engineering challenges in Lyyra” while Rodrigo presented a paper titled “Simulation of wire mesh bearing capacity using distinct element method (DEM)”.

Upcoming Conferences

Itasca Info Day
We would like to invite everybody who is interested to join the Itasca Information Day 2022. 
It will be held in the afternoon of November 17th, 2022, which is the day prior to the 51st Geomechanics Colloquium 2022 at the TU Bergakadamie Freiberg (
51. Geomechanik-Kolloquium 2022 | TU Bergakademie Freiberg (
Slope Stability 2022 - October 17-21, 2022 - Tucson, Arizona, USA.
Meet us at Slope Stability 2022! Our Swedish team will present their work on slope stability for the Leveäniemi open pit together with LKAB.

Upcoming Webinar

"Pseudo-static behavior of Rockfill dams with a dry-stone pitching: A mixed FEM-DEM approach"
This 30-minute webinar presents the validation of the mixed continuum-discrete FEM-DEM approach. It is done by modeling, using FLAC3D and PFC3D Itasca software, pseudo-static experiments carried out on rockfill dams with dry-stone pitching.
This webinar is presented by
Ali Haidar, from Itasca France.

Date: 25 Oct 2022 - 4:00pm - 4:30pm CEST

Register here!



Doolaeghe, D., Davy, P., Darcel, C., Selroos, J.O., Mas Ivars, D., An interpretation of the fracture open fraction distribution in Forsmark (Sweden) as the result of fracture reactivation by fluid overpressures, Eurock 2022 conference paper, Espoo (Finland), September 12-15, 2022

Lavoine, E., Darcel, C., Davy, P., Mas Ivars, D., and Kasani, H., Understanding and predicting stress fluctuations induced by multiscale fracture networks in naturally fractured rocks, Eurock 2022 conference paper, Espoo (Finland), September 12-15, 2022

Figueiredo, B., J. Vatcher, J. Sjöberg and D. Mas Ivars. "Effects of the initial stress and spalling strength on spalling around deposition holes and tunnels", in Eurock 2022 (Helsinki, Sept 12–15, 2022),, 2022.
Figueiredo, B., J. Sjöberg, J. Mattilla, M. Hakala and J. Suikkanen. "Analysis and determination of the stress field at the Olkiluoto site", in Eurock 2022 (Helsinki, Sept 12–15, 2022),, 2022.

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