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2nd Quarter 2022

Research project

Pseudo static behaviour of rockfill dams with a dry stone pitching by a mixed DEM-FEM approach
A numerical model is proposed to study the pseudo-static behavior of rockfill dams with a dry-stone pitching. A mixed approach, discrete for the pitching and continuous for the dam body was used. A validation of the numerical model is proposed based on experimental tests before other analyses related to the role played by the dry-stone pitching in the resistance of such dams to earthquakes among others.
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Coming soon! 
Owners of FLAC 8.1 are invited to pre-purchase FLAC2D 9.
As a special offer, owners of FLAC 8.0 may also pre-purchase FLAC2D 9 at a discounted price. 

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JNGG 2022 - June 28-30, 2022 - Lyon, France
The JNGG 2022 was a success. Congrats to Marco Camusso and Ali Haidar on their great presentations! We also warmly thank you for your visit at our booth.
Eurock 2022 - September 12-15, 2022 - Helsinki, Finland.
We have the honor to announce that Itasca will be the Gold Partner at the Eurock 2022 Conference.
Rock Engineering Days 2022 - September 28-29, 2022 - Älvsjö, Sweden
The Swedish Rock Engineering days will be held on September 28-29, 2022. Our team in Sweden will participate with three presentations and exhibition.
Slope Stability 2022 - October 17-21, 2022 - Tucson, Arizona, USA.
Meet us at Slope Stability 2022!
Our Swedish team will present their work on slope stability for the Leveäniemi open pit together with LKAB.

Past Webinars

Videos available online
Itasca France held two webinars at the beginninng of this year. Videos are available here:

- Python in Itasca Software 
- Modelling railway ballast with accurate grain shape representation using rigid blocks in PFC

Upcoming webinars will be advertised on our website.
Python in Itasca Software - Presenter: Huy Tran
Modelling railway ballast with accurate grain shape representation using rigid blocks in PFC3D - Presenter: Akos Orosz



Breugnot Antonin, Le Cor Thomas, Regazzoni Pierre-Louis, Legrand Philippe, Camusso Marco, "Reinforcement works of the Joannes Couvert Quay in Le Havre port - Soil reinforcement by rigid inclusions", JNGG 2022

Farid Asadi, Damien André, Sacha Emam, Pascal Doumalin, Imad Khlifi, Marc Huger. "Investigation of different discrete modeling strategies to mimic microstructural aspects that influence the fracture energy of refractory materials", Open Ceramics, 2022, 100288, ISSN 2666-5395.

Camusso Marco, Manh-Tran Huy, Billaux Daniel, Vu Minh-Ngoc & Ozanam Odile". CIGEO project - Analysis of ILW-LL repository tunnel long term behavior", Clay Conference 2020.

Andersson, J., J. Vatcher, B. Figueiredo, J. Sjöberg, U. B. Andersson and C. Dahnér-Lindkvist. "Insights into practical decisions surrounding hydraulic fracturing trials from numerical modeling", in: Proceedings Rockbursts and Sesimicity in Mines, RaSiM 10 (Tucson, April 26–28, 2022), Englewood: Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration, 2022.

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