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1st Quarter 2022

Consulting projects

SLC ground surface effects and cave shapes from coupled cave model
The latest generation of models used to simulate the SLC and the hangingwall caving uses a coupled approach between FLAC3D and CAVESIM.
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Flow and transport simulations using DFN.lab
In Sweden, the Forsmark site, a sparsely fractured crystalline host rock, is selected to be the future location for building a deeply sited nuclear waste disposal.
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Upcoming Webinars

Don't miss our next Webinar :
Applications of Python in Itasca codes" will be held by Dr. Huy Tran, from Itasca Consultants.

This webinar outlines some of the main applications of Python to extend the modeling capabilities of Itasca codes such as running parametric studies, performing automated advanced post-treatment and visualization, creating customized user interfaces etc.
Dr. Huy Tran,
Developer and Project Engineer
Itasca Consultants SAS, France.

Applications of Python in Itasca codes

Time: April 7th, 2022 - 4:00PM CEST


Duration: 15-20 min.

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New Software Forum

Itasca has launched a new software forum to provide a platform for users to ask questions, make suggestions, and discuss Itasca software. Anyone can read the forum and users with valid licenses are able to post questions or comments. This is meant to be a forum for general questions and observations about using the software.

Visit and sign-up for the Itasca software forum.


RaSIM 10 -  April 26-28, 2022
RaSiM10 provides a forum to discuss the state-of-practice engineering and mine operations in seismically active mines experiencing rockbursts.
Itasca Sweden will present a paper on simulation of hydraulic fracturing in the LKAB Kiirunavaara mine.

JNGG 2022 - June 28-30, 2022
The JNGG 2022 will host a technical exhibition which will allow the various stakeholders in the profession (companies, design offices, hardware and software suppliers, etc.) to promote their activities and their products.
Itasca France will be present on booth #32 and present several papers (see below).
Eurock 2022 - June 28 - July 3, 2022
The conference will feature both scientific and industrial tracks.
We have the honor to announce that Itasca will be the Gold Partner at the Eurock 2022 Conference.


Haidar A, Vincens E, Dedecker F, and Plassart R. "Pseudo static behaviour of rockfill dams with a dry stone pitching by a mixed DEM-FEM approach", JNGG conference 2022

Breugnot A., Le Cor T., Regazzoni P-L., Legrand Ph., Camusso M., "Reinforcement works of the Joannes Couvert quay in Le Havre port  - Soil reinforcement by rigid inclusions", JNGG conference 2022

Camusso M., Vu M-N., Ozanam O., "Modelling of the long term behavior of a disposal tunnel in CIGEO project", JNGG conference 2022

Furtney, J.K., Thielsen, C., Fu, W. & R. Le Goc, "Surrogate Models in Rock and Soil Mechanics: Integrating Numerical Modeling and Machine Learning". Rock Mech Rock Eng (2022). 

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