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3rd Quarter 2020

Consulting Projects

Numerical simulation of shield support for a coal mine
The development and mining of a deeper seam in a coal mine, located in southern Siberia is planned. ITASCA was tasked with assessing the minimum support pressure and maximum unsupported distance between shield and coal face required to ensure stability of the roof. Also, the stress state, displacement field and excavation damaged zone in the roof of the seam were analyzed.

Software Updates

Griddle v2.0 pre-release is now available.
We invite you to download the update from our website.
3DEC 7.0 is now officially released.
All the new features and enhancements are described on the 3DEC page.

Upcoming Webinars

Coming soon!
Don't miss our next webinar "Using Rigid Blocks in PFC" held by Sacha Emam on October 15th at 4:00PM CET.


Mrs Lauriane Bouzeran, from Itasca Consultants SAS will be presenting a session on"Advanced Numerical Modeling for the Design of Management of Underground Operations" at the SIM Conference, 7–9 October 2020, in Angers. 
Presentation will be on October 9. More information available in the online : 
Itasca Consultants will attend the JNGG 2020 conference held in Lyon - November 2-3, 2020. You can meet us at our booth #18. Marco Camusso will be presenting his work on: "Mechanical behaviour of T-Wall® retaining wall".
Mr. Jonny Sjöberg, from Itasca Consultants AB will present a keynote at the "Second International Conference on Underground Mining Technology* », in Perth, Western Australia, 3–4 November 2020.
Keynote title : "Solving rock mechanics issues through modelling: then, now and in the future".
Presentation will be on November 3, 08:00AM (CET). More information available in the online programme:
*Due to Covid-19 restrictions, it will be an Online Event and an in-person event.


Edelbro, C., R. Brummer, M. Pierce, D. Sandström & J. Sjöberg. (2020) "Raiseborrning i svåra bergförhållanden", Bergmekanikdagen 2020 (in Swedish). Paper available on-line

Svartsjaern, M., S. Hortberg, J. Sjöberg, B-M. Stöckel & K. Mäkitaavola. (2020) "Uppblockning, markdeformationer och inverkan av strukturer vid skivrasbrytning", Bergmekanikdagen 2020 (in Swedish). Paper available on-line

Svartsjaern, M., J. Sjöberg, D. Sandström, I. Tjerngren, D. Wladis & C. Andersson-Höök. (2020) "Bergmekaniska analyser för Bolidens djupförvar vid smältverket Rönnskär", Bergmekanikdagen 2020 (in Swedish). Paper available on-line

Furtney, J.K., Le Goc, R., (2020) "Surrogate Models in Rock Mechanics Integrating Numerical Modeling and Machine Learning",  ARMA 20 - 2010.

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