European Newsletter 

4th Quarter 2020

Consulting Projects

Estimating settlements due to a complex excavation
In the context of the Greater Paris works, the VINCI-SPIE group builds a future metro station underneath the CNIT centre in Paris, for the westward extension of RER E (EOLE). The West Pre-Station is particularly complex due to its excavation phasing and the presence of many surrounding structures, including among others the T2 tramway line and several foundations. Learn more on this project.
Stability Design of Open Pit Walls Using 3D Modelling Approach
The open pit mine is part of a Greenfield exploration project. Itasca Consultants GmbH in cooperation with Itasca Chile were contracted to develop a stability design of the pit. The analysis has been performed using Itasca’s three-dimensional distinct element code, 3DEC (Itasca, 2016). Learn more on this project.

Software Updates

Upcoming release of Griddle 2.0 !
The pre-release version is already available on our website
Rhino 7.0 is officially released!
We invite you to contact your local agent to purchase a Rhino 7.0 license. 
Upcoming PFC 7.0 release! 
The PFC 7 pre-release and a web page detailing “What’s New in PFC 7” are coming very soon.
Here are some new features :
  • Generalized clump logic providing ability to model concave rigid-block shapes
  • Inlet logic to generate model components at a specified flow-rate during cycling
  • Stress installation schemes for rigid-blocks and ball packings
  • New constitutive models as for example Lennard-Jones potential and Dipole interaction contact models
  • And much more…
Contact your local agent for a quote!