European Newsletter 

2nd Quarter 2021

Consulting projects

Rock Mechanical Analyses for the Boliden Deep Repository at Rönnskär
Boliden AB is constructing an underground repository for final storage of process waste material from the Rönnskär copper smelter facility.  Itasca was contracted by Boliden to carry out rock mechanical analysis to assess the stability in both the short- and long-term (3000 years) perspectives. 
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Interaction of old near surface coal mining and a road construction project
The new connecting road K 24n is to be built in the most northern expanses of the coal mining area in the Ruhr region. The road axis runs through an area partly affected by old surface near mining operations.
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Effective elastic properties  of fractured rocks
The objective of the project is to predict the scaling evolution of rock mass effective elastic properties for conditions relevant to the POSE (Posiva’s Olkiluoto Spalling Experiment) niche surroundings at ONKALO, the Finnish site for underground storage of nuclear waste.
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Software Updates