European Newsletter 
1st Quarter 2021

Consulting projects

Influence of former near-surface ore mining on a road construction project
The road construction department of the district of Steinfurt, a district in the north of the coal mining area in the Ruhr region, is planning the construction of the new road K 24n. The road axis runs through an area partly affected by old mining operations.
Design of temporary rock support
for SFR

The Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Company (SKB) is planning to extend the short-lived radioactive waste repository with five 275 meters long and one 240 meter long vault. Since the extension could lead to damage on the existing facility, Itasca designed a temporary support system to prevent loose rock.
Conditioning DFN models by GPR data
The aim of this project was to develop and test a methodology for rock characterization that would help in the decision-making process for an adequate location of the nuclear waste canister burying.  View more >>

Software Updates

PFC Suite 7.0 pre-release is available!
Discover all the new capabilities . Among them: 
  • Rigid Block Enhancements (cut during cycling, simplify model creation, …)
  • Generalized Clump Logic (model concave shapes,…)
  • Inlet logic added to simplify model generation
  • Multi-threaded FISH
  • New Contact Models such as adhesive contact models
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